Green Oak Structures
Used primarily in the restoration and conversion of a Cumbria field barn, we began to see the potential of using Green Oak or Unseasoned Oak in our furniture, for kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and because of its wonderful resilience in wet situations, bathroom or primarily outside in the garden and courtyard.
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Since turning 50 I have rediscovered my interest in working with wood and its natural structural design.

Looking for inspiration during the conversion of a barn at the centre of our farm I visited Mount Grace Priory in Yorkshire. There, an original monk’s cell was being recreated using ‘green’ oak in the structural build and the beautiful but simple furniture. Green Oak is unseasoned, cut and worked with little ‘drying out’

We began to use green oak very successfully in the design of our farmhouse & many projects that followed. That naturally led to me using off - cuts and interesting pieces from the massive oak beams for small pieces of furniture, low benches, coffee and side tables.These fitted in well with our contempary building design and existing family antiques.

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Green Oak block coffee tables and side tables have burrs and knots and wonderful colour, ideal to put your cup on or glass of wine and put your feet up in front of the fire. Marks and scuffs are just sanded away to reveal yet another layer of aged oak grain.